Retractable safety devices for vehicles

With the continual development of road traffic on our roads, the demands for safety-related vehicle safety devices, so-called crash barriers, are also increasing. Steel crash barriers ensure that the vehicle coming off the lane is intercepted and redirected back to the road, providing adequate safety for the occupants of the vehicle.

They are an essential part of road traffic and must therefore be designed and fitted with regard to the nature of the road, the intensity and speed of traffic on it, as well as the specificities of the surrounding terrain.

Road safety barriers are used exclusively in places where passing a vehicle beyond the roadside endangers the safety of road users. Safety device – crash barriers offered by our company TRADETECH spol. s r.o meet all standards and regulations set by Act no. 90/1998 Coll. on construction products, TP 1/2005 and TP 2/2005 MDVR SR.

Steel barriers CAR

CAR safety barriers are a type of road restraint systems in accordance with STN EN 1317-1, STN EN 1317-2 and STN EN 1317-5 + A1.

They include steel barriers in retaining level from N2 to H4 for roads and bridge barriers in retaining level of H2 and H3. They are designed for highways, expressways, class I., II. and III. roads, local roads and bridges in accordance with STN 73 6101, STN 73 6110 and STN 73 6201 and, as appropriate, for purpose-built roads.

All parts of the restraint system are hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461.

Steel barriers NH4

The NH4 Arcelor Mittal steel crash barriers are designed for motorways, expressways, class I roads and others. Single UE 100 posts are used on roads with the guardrail, fixed to the post through a pipe coupling, or C150 posts, where the guardrail is mounted directly to the post. For bridges there are U 140 bridge posts, and the guardrails are fixed to the posts using spacers that serve as shock absorbing elements. Retaining level from N2 to H4.

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